Thursday, April 27, 2017

State Resolution Committee

State Resolutions Meets in Boise

Boise--Idaho Farm Bureau Vice President Mark Trupp called the State Resolution Meeting to order just after 10:00 this morning at the Farm Bureau headquarters in Boise. 

Representatives from five state districts attended the meeting along with IFBF staff members. 

The resolutions are the result of a year-long grassroot effort, involving input from every county in Idaho.

The centerpiece of the Idaho Farm Bureau's annual meeting in December is the House of Delegates meeting. Those delegates will study, amend and debate todays resolutions. 

Successful policy resolutions adopted by the delegates will become part of the IFB's 2018 policy book. The Idaho Farm Bureau policy book will be sent to agriculture groups, city councils, county commissions, the state legislature and the U.S. Congressional Delegation. 

Idaho Farm Bureau has represented grassroots agriculture in Idaho since establishment in 1939, and is a non-profit advocacy organization that supports Idaho farm families.

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