Monday, February 20, 2017

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Jerome Student Wins Women's Leadership Committee Speech Contest
Boise--15 year old Kaitlin Mirkin of Jerome won the Women's Leadership Committee Speech Contest this morning at the Idaho Statehouse.
"I grew up on dairy and I do a lot of public speaking because of  4-H and FFA. I know this labor issue first hand and I've had a lot of practice. Its a matter of going out and doing the speech a lot, doing it for different groups, family, friends and doing it in front of a mirror also helps," said Mirkin
Mirkin's speech captured the statehouse audience by addressing the economic importance of the migrant work force. She said that milk prices could double if we lose  migrant workers. "I'm not paying upwards of $6 for a gallon of milk, I can't afford and I don't think the people of Idaho can afford it. I don't think we realize the importance of the migrant labor force and the impacts on Idaho agriculture across the board," said Mirkin.
Idaho Lieutenant Governor Brad Little welcomed the 6 contestants to the West Wing of the Senate. He emphasized the importance of communication in agriculture setting goals and urged students to not only farm, but to tell the world about their farming operations.
Mirkin won $150, she'll use the money for her college fund. All the contestants went on a special guided tour of the Idaho Statehouse after the contest.

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